An optimal indoor climate for the infrastructure is ensured through the use of highly efficient, redundant climate systems and a climate circuit based on warm-cold-aisles (CAC - cold aisle containment).

Various sensors monitor and at the same time permanently optimize temperature and humidity fully automatic, thus guarantee the best possible air-conditioning and efficiency. For extremely high output power, water-cooled racks can be additionally used.

Due to ecological and also economical reasons, the cooling works on cold days in the so-called freecooling-operation mode.

  • Highly efficient cooling system with optimal efficiency
  • Advanced HVAC and redundant cooling equipment systems (n+1)
  • Maximum cooling capacity of 20 KW per rack
  • Cold-warm aisles with complete rack-enclosure (CAC)
  • Intelligent, fully automatic regulation of the indoor climate
  • All cold¬≠machines are freecooling-suitable
  • Cooling distribution through stainless, pressure-tested steel tube systems
  • Use of water-cooled racks on request