Environmental protection

Computer centers belong to the largest energy consumers. In order to keep the environmental pollution caused by us as low as possible, the complete computer center infrastructure was implemented and planned according to ecological points of view.

Our electricity comes 100% from renewable energy sources and is produced completely CO2-neutral without nuclear power. Components with first-class efficiency values are exclusively used especially in our USV and air-conditioning systems.

On request we allow you to process your infrastructure exclusively with regional power, solar or wind energy.

  • 100% electricity from renewable energy sources
  • 100% CO2-neutral electricity production without nuclear power
  • Consequent use of energy-efficient components
  • Cold-warm aisles with complete rack-enclosure
  • Fully automatic regulation of indoor climate
  • All cold¬≠machines are freecooling-suitable
  • On request supply with regional electricity, solar wind energy