Our multiple redundant external connections, including a direct connection to the SwissIX in Zurich, ensure an optimal, world-wide accessibility of your server.

Along with redundant glass fiber installations, which are locally separated from each other, our computer center additionally has two copper installations of Swisscom. Through these installations, telephony and other copper-bound services can be obtained

All large national and international telecommunication companies are represented in the computer center and offer their services here.

  • Great choice of national and international carrier
  • Direct connection to the SwissIX peering-point in Zurich
  • Efficient routing-equipment
  • Redundant glass fiber connections, locally separated from each other
  • Native IPv4- and IPv6-connection (dual-stack)
  • Each rack is equipped with n*10 Gbit/s in copper and glass fiber
  • Scalable network infrastructure thanks to modern CWDM-technology