Power supply

A stable and highly available power supply is one of the three important pillars in the operation of a computer center. The other two being the network connection and air-conditioning

Our power supplies are provided by our own transformer stations with 6 × 1-MVA-transformers, which are directly supplied from the substation with medium-voltage (12 kV). The supply of customer racks is continuously carried out (Feed A+B), just as USV and emergency power systems (diesel generators).

Through the permanent monitoring of all critical components and regular and intensive examinations of all parts, our infrastructure ensures that a possible power failure is bridged through the batteries, the diesel motors start and a long term power supply is guaranteed.

  • Power through our own 6-megawatt transformer station
  • Redundant feed-in from two independent district stations
  • Redundant USV and emergency power systems (n+1)
  • Redundant power supply per rack with Feed A+B
  • Power circuits available with 230V and 400V
  • Availability at least 99.99% in the annual average
  • Power up to 100% from CO2-neutral production
  • Monthly test of all diesel generators under full load
  • Annual black building test