Your benefits

  • Member of the RIPE
  • Operation of our own autonomous system AS199376
  • Direct connection to the SwissIX and renowned national and international carriers
  • Permanent investments in the latest technologies
  • Scalable and flexible customer solutions for highest performance and cost-efficiency
  • 24/7 network operation center, live monitoring and on-call service


Our IP-transit services allow a cost-efficient and high-performance connection with the global internet-routing table for IPv4 and IPv6.

Our service is delivered via Ethernet. The available bandwidths reach from 100 Mbit to 10 Gbit, optionally routed or as BGP4 full table in copper or glass fiber.

We also connect external locations or services at your place via Leased Line or glass fiber point-to-point connection to our network.

We look forward to hearing from you.

  • Guaranteed bandwidths, no overbooking
  • Flat Rate or CDR 95%, 100 Mbit to 10 Gbit
  • BGP session, full/ partial table or static routing
  • IPv4/ IPv6 dual stack in the same management
  • Flexible contract periods and upgrades
  • Pro-active monitoring and statistics