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Retrieve Provider's Job-Id from Delayed-Job Adapter

by Ingo Albers on 01.05.2022

In one of our applications we use ActiveJob in combination with the Delayed::Job adapter. So in our application.rb we define:

config.active_job.queue_adapter = :delayed_job

The problem here is, that we don’t get the provider_job_id, which would allow us to get the created Delayed::Job from the database. In order to be able to get the provider_job_id we need to add a plugin to the Delayed::Worker. So we add this plugin in an initializer.

# config/initializers/delayed_job_job_id_provider.rb
class DelayedJobJobIdProvider < Delayed::Plugin
  callbacks do |lifecycle|
    lifecycle.before(:invoke_job) do |job|
      job.payload_object.job_data["provider_job_id"] = if job.payload_object.respond_to?(:job_data)

Delayed::Worker.plugins << DelayedJobJobIdProvider

This allows us to get the provider_job_id from the ApplicationJob directly. In our case we use this in the rescue_from for ActiveJob::DeserializationError. This error occurs when the Delayed::Job is trying to access a record, that has been deleted.

class ApplicationJob < ActiveJob::Base
  rescue_from(ActiveJob::DeserializationError) do |exception|
    Delayed::Job.find(provider_job_id).update!(failed_at:, last_error: exception.message)
    raise exception

We can then just find the specific Delayed::Job by the provider_job_id. This is useful if you want custom handling for the Delayed::Job in case of an error, so you could for example decide if you want to keep the job or destroy it.

Happy Coding!


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